Welcome Patients!


Welcome to our practice where you are more than just a patient.

In January of 2004, our owner and lead physical therapist Matthew Pullano established the practice with three goals in mind;

  1. Patients will have individual hands-on therapy and receive the majority of their one-on-one attention from a physical therapist.
  2. Patients will be provided a safe and progressive atmosphere that fosters effective and efficient treatment to promote healing.
  3. Patients will leave leave each and every appointment feeling they have completed a treatment which is proving their condition, without feeling they were left exercise on their own and have realistic goals for the future.

Since day one we have, and will continue to focus on creating a personalized treatment plan for each and every patient. Every member of our treatment team has internalized these goals for every patient which we have had the pleasure of welcoming to our practice.

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We thank you for choosing us for your physical therapy team!


Matthew Pullano PT and Staff

The Healing Process

"At Pullano Physical Therapy we believe that hands-on treatment
is the most effective way to facilitate healing!"

At Pullano Physical Therapy we focus on you. We will develop a treatment plan for you that emphasizes healing, strengthening, and improving your body's physical condition. We are proud to provide our patients a variety of treatments that are used in each patient's individual treatment plan.

Pullano Physical Therapy's modern facility with state-of-the-art equipment allows us to provide safe, supervised and effective treatment with our patients progress in mind.

If you have had physical therapy before, it will not take long into your first visit for you to realize our treatment philosophy is much different than our competitors.

Contact us today to schedule appointment to allow us to facilitate your healing!

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Hints for Success


Over the years we've received many phone calls and inquiries from patients regarding their treatment success. What we have found is that 95% of patients questions or concerns are addressed in three basic tips.

Be prepared for your first appointment.

Please bring the prescription provided to you by referring physician, written referrals/authorization is required by your insurance carrier, your insurance card(s) four primary and/or secondary insurances and your co-pay/coinsurance. Co-pasy/coinsurance is not only expected but required by insurance regulations at the time of each visit.

Be prepared for your therapy session.

Please bring comfortable clothing. Shorts may be appropriate especially for evaluation and treatment of conditions of your legs, knees and feet. Don't forget comfortable footwear. Many treatment programs include some form of exercise. You may be on a bike, treadmill or exercise mat with a member of our team. We do have an area for you to change your clothes if you're coming from or going somewhere where your clothing for therapy is not appropriate to wear.

Be on-time!

Please be on-time for your therapy session. We pride ourselves on maximizing the time our therapists spend one on one with our patients. In order for us to provide this quality service to all of our patients, we need to stay on track. We appreciate your understanding.

If you have other questions which may not have been addressed here regarding your therapy success, feel free to contact us.

Insurance Information

We accept most insurance plans offered to patients in this region. Below is a sample of the many plans which we have established relationships with. If you do not see your plan listed, contact us to discuss your specific plan and together we can determine your options.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
NYS Medicaid

We also accept most NYS Workman's Comp. and No Fault Carriers!

Direct Access Information for Patients

Direct Access

On July 26, 2006, Gov. Pataki signed S. 3169 into New York State law. New York State now allows consumers the ability to directly access the services of a physical therapist with minor limitations. The law took effect November 25, 2006.

The new law allows consumers to directly access the services of a physical therapist for 10 visits or a period of 30 days, whichever occurs first. Additionally, the physical therapist needs to have three years of practice experience to provide direct access services. Lastly legislation stipulates that the physical therapist needs to inform the consumer in writing insurance may not cover the service.

The law does not change the requirement under the insurance law that health insurers need to only cover physical therapy rendered pursuant to a referral. Also, this law amends insurance law to make it explicit data referral is required for purposes of no-fault. No-fault amendment means that patients with a claim under the no-fault program would not be eligible for reimbursement for physical therapy services without a referral. This requirement is in keeping with no-fault current practice.

While we believe direct access to be a significant benefit for many patients, the rules, regulations and reimbursement for specific situations or patients insurers may be confusing and/or complicated. Have questions? Contact us and we will help you understand how this benefit pertains to specific needs and insurance coverage.