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Since the invention of the wheel, racing the vehicles that the wheel went on has been an obsession of some men (and women). It is the desire to prove ones self better than another, at least on that day. But no matter how good you have been, or think you can be, there is always some better. On the day you are that person atop the podium the feeling of accomplishment is tremendous. Not only have you performed at 100% but the machine that was prepared and has done the same. The numbers of factors that have to work out to win are unconscionable. Racing is a metaphor for life and its surprises, victories and defeats in general.

Even without ever experiencing this exhilaration first hand people usually feel some of excitement from hearing the story of the racer. The thought of the adrenaline, nerves, danger, and focus needed during the race flow over and generate the same feelings for the person listening. In rehabilitating an injury there are many of the same sensations that a person needs to accommodate properly during the process. Hearing of someone else’s experience that has had a positive outcome instills confidence that the outcome will be the same.

As humans we strive for stability and consistency but it is only with overcoming boundaries of the comfort zone that we achieve greatness. Experience achieving things others cannot, while realizing there is no fundamental difference in individuals makes you believe there are no boundaries if someone has enough desire, and preparation. In healing from an injury Pullano PT can give the patient that knowledge that will have them prepared to recover fully. The desire is the harder part to maintain and it is Pullano PT racing that reminds us all of the components of that desire. Adrenaline, nerves, danger, and focus all need to be managed in racing, it is the same to maintain this desire.

It requires a team of people to achieve success in racing of any kind. The team at Pullano PT has the same intensity at work as at play.

Come and experience the winning attitude for yourself!

Team Pullano

Matthew Pullano

Matthew Pullano Matthew Pullano

Matt started racing in 1998 in formula continental with the EMRA sanction after 1 year of assembling a former Newport cigarettes show car in need of help in all areas other than paint. With the help of Joe Stimola after destroying a gear box in 10 laps at Watkins Glen the car was drivable. Both EMRA races that year were won from pole.

The next year SCCA regional’s were the target and with a set up from Hot Shoe Racing a ling string of 2nd places gave Matt the points title. For 1999 he was signed by Fraley racing to drive a 1997 van Diemen FC in the SCCA national series. Success was not as quickly had in the national series but by the end of the season he was on the podium once again.

Children, life in general and a ride led to a hiatus from car racing. The next decade included competition hare scramble racing, and competitive water-skiing.

In 2010 Jonathan Pullano was old enough to go racing and Pullano PT racing had drivers and a crew. Matt was back behind the wheel and all the old emotions were coming to the surface again.

In January 2012 a trip to phoenix performance inspired by a friend led to a return to SCCA racing. Nine races and eight wins later in the 98 T1 corvette prepared by phoenix performance the racing story ended for 2012. The 2013 schedule includes a trip to the national championship race in Elkhart lake Wisconsin.

He hopes the skills honed as a teenager driving a pickup in a field as fast as possible for hour on end will result in a 2013 national championship.

1999 SCCA NYSRRC formula continental champion
2000 SCCA NE division formula continental runoffs qualifier
2012 New Jersey touring car challenge series winner in TC2
2012 SCCA NYSRRC T1 champion

Jonathan Pullano

Jonathan Pullano

Kirsten Pullano

Kirsten Pullano

Our Racing Schedule

Oct 24-25 Virginia International Raceway 13 Hour Enduro

Our Racing Results

Matt Pullano

Date Race Finish Details
2012 Summit Point 1st  
2012 NJMP 1st  
2012 Watkins Glen Double Regional 1st, 1st  
2012 NJMP National 5th  
2012 Watkins Glen National 2nd  
2012 NJMP SCCA Regional / NJTCC 1st, 1st  
2012 Watkins Glen Regional / NJTCC 1st, 1st  
March 16th Atlanta 1st place T2 New track record 1:35.159
March 17th Atlanta 1st place T2 New track record 1:34.137
April 20th Virginia International Raceway 1st place T2 New track record 2:05.025
April 21 Virginia International Raceway 1st place T2  
May 4th Summit Point Raceway 1st place T2  
May 5th Summit Point Raceway 1st place T2 New track record 1:19.200
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