Our Practice

We started our practice in 2004 with the goal of providing patients a physical therapy experience based on manual techniques and group exercise than individual exercises. While many therapists focus on exercises which can be an instrumental component of rehabilitation, we believe these should be performed outside of the clinic on a daily basis. If someone spends the time and money to come to us for physical therapy, it is our belief that they will be provided something unattainable elsewhere.

We invite you to watch our video and learn more about our philosophy from our owner, Matt Pullano.

Our Facility

Our facility has grown significantly since its inception in 2004. We currently occupy over 3500 square feet on the ground floor of 3125 E. Main St. in Endicott, New York. Our open floor plan allows for the constant supervision of all patients at all times.

Our office is easily accessible to patients as our entrances at grade without any stairs and parking is directly outside of our entrance.

We currently utilize 12 therapy stations and to spinal decompression tables on a daily basis. Our gym is home to UBEs, a full set of free weights, a rebounder, plymoetric blocks, Bosu therapy balls, treadmills, recumbent bikes, etc.

Our scheduling and billing is done in-house and answers your questions are always immediately available. We take pride in our friendly atmosphere and comfortable setting.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is the skill of a physical therapist does not simply reside in teaching exercise, but in facilitating healing with their hands. We commit a minimum of 30 min. hands-on time with each and every patient. Our therapists search out all components which are not functioning properly through the injured area. Seeing a consistent therapist provides them the ability to monitor progress by feeling the changes in the joints or soft tissues. This philosophy has provided us a tremendous success over the years.

Our philosophy is meticulously executed by our staff. The physical strength of our therapists is essential to our success. Each therapist relies on their hands to be able to treat patients for an extended amount of time each and every day. This strength cannot be taught or learned overnight, it requires experience. Each and every therapist at Pullano Physical Therapy is experienced and has a slightly different style or specialty area. As no two finger prints are the same, no set of hands are the same. With four experienced staff members we have the ability to not only quickly diagnoses and treat your condition but also quickly match your needs with the strength and experience of our therapists.