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We offer a wide range of abortion services at ANGELA Family Planning Clinic.

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After a devastating hip injury and subsequent surgery, I chose Pullano PT. They understood my goals as an athlete/runner and personalized my rehab to ensure I was able to return to my sport ready to compete. Only seven months later and way ahead of schedule, I was back on the Men’s Pro podium for obstacle course racing.

Jarrett Newby

As a Champion on the 2016 Little league world series team I have had the pleasure of success and the pain of injuries, but no matter the injury I have always been able to come back to full strength with great care from Dr Pullano. He has always understood how to get me back to full recovery in the fastest and safest way possible and always made me feel more comfortable without the fear that I would get injured again.

Michael Mancini

At Pullano PT, Matt on several occasions has aided my recovery with my running injuries. I recently thought it was a good idea to run an 8 hour virtual race. Forty miles later I had severe knee pain. Thinking the worse, Matt knew exactly what to do to treat my injuries. His knowledge sped up my recovery and gave me confidence to start running again. A big thank you to Matt Pullano and staff!

Nate Loiselle

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