While there are many other type of vertigo and balance disorders, the most common cause of room spinning disorders is Bengin Proximal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).

BPPV is a condition in which you have brief, but intense, episodes of dizziness that occur when you move your head. Vertigo usually comes from a problem with the part of the inner ear responsible for balance (vestibular labyrinth). BPPV occurs when tiny particles called otoconia in one part of your inner ear break loose and fall into the canals of your inner ear. Canalith repositioning can cure this specific type of vertigo (BPPV) in just one treatment.

This treatment is not a common offering at most physical therapy officers. At Pullono Physical Therapy we are proud to offer this treatment and have had numerous life changing success stories over our ten years plus of offering this specialized treatment.