Physical Therapist
Brief info

Andrea Stenta

Andrea Stenta joined Pullano PT in September of 2015. She received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Ithaca College in 2015.

Andrea was first introduced to physical therapy after a knee injury, playing lacrosse, which brought her into Pullano PT. She was instantly taken with the personal approach that the Pullano team provided to every client that walked through the door. It was because of this that Andrea decided to pursue a career in physical therapy. Andrea enjoys working with people with general orthopedic diagnoses, vertigo, and postural disorders. Andrea’s rehabilitation interests also include ergonomic education, sports therapy, and joint mobilization techniques.

Andrea has enjoyed coming back to Pullano PT and providing the same personalized care that was given to her. She is a strong believer in personalized treatment and the positive impact it has on the overall rehabilitation process.

In her spare time, Andrea enjoys hiking, soccer, basketball and other sports.